Impact Stories

Your Gifts At Work

We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to us. Learn more about how your gifts have made an impact.

Leslie Riddle

“The ADP Woman's Leadership Academy Scholarship has been extremely beneficial to me because it allows me to devote more time to my studies. This scholarship is also assisting me in my journey to study and sit for the CPA exam.”

—Leslie Riddle

Quentoria Walton

“With faith, hard work and a community to encourage you, one has the potential to become all that they desire to be and exactly who the world needs. Hinman [the Hinman Scholarship] is part of my community; I am grateful for this award as it represents their belief in me and my future.”

—Quentoria Walton

Evan Ketcham

“The Harrison Scholarship has provided me with an extraordinary opportunity to gain the skills I will use to serve the medical needs of Georgia, providing a return on the generous investment in my education Dr. Harrison and his family have made.”

—Evan Ketcham

Rachel Visintainer

“Storyland scholarship has given me time to focus on my education and relationships (rather than work my extra job); experience as a cast member in a nonprofit show for children; connections with amazing and talented performers, educators, and mentors; and confidence in my ability as a performer, writer, communicator and vocalist.”

—Rachel Visintainer

Tom Bennett, Jr.

“Scholarship Support + Me = The opportunity to teach tomorrow’s leaders.”

—Tom Bennett, Jr.

Christina Workman

“This scholarship has given me the prospects of a brighter future and will help shape me into a successful clinician in the future. The sense of relief and happiness that followed the announcement of this award is one I will always remember and hold onto. I hope to one day pay this forward.”

—Christina Workman